Artillery Center

The biggest Artillery Centre in Asia, located just behind the Pandav caves in Nashik. During the India-Pakistan division, the artillery center has been relocated to India, since then the center is under military surveillance. This place served as an important training centre for the officers and soldiers of Indian Army. At this center, the soldiers can get the training for one of the most advanced artillery weapons, Bofors gun. This center is acting as one of the greatest contributors of skilled manpower to Indian Army. Artillery Centre in Nashik has produced more than 2,70,000 trained armed force personnel so far and helped the country in defending itself from enemies.

The Center has always maintained and met these responsibilities to the Regiment of Artillery, the Indian Army and the Nation with expectation and focus. As a self maintained small township, the Artillery Center is well established in the sylvan surroundings of Nashik Road. Settled at the foothills of the Shayadri’s, it has supported and created its surroundings to emerge as the green lungs of the area.

Mission of this Artillery Center is to prepare mentally vigorous, physically intense and in fact capable young gunners equipped for effortless combination with units of the Regiment. Artillery Museum and War Memorial inside the artillery center gives the vision of the remember the past. In the past six decades, thousands of candidates have been prepared into heavy arm specialists, and have crossed these consecrated portals in a transitional experience.