Dharma Chakra Prabhav Tirth (श्री धर्मचक्र प्रभाव तीर्थ)

Dharma Chakra Prabhav Tirth

Dharma Chakra Prabhav Tirth is situated on mumbai agra highway near vilholi gaon. This temple is situated at a distance of 8 km from Central Bus Stand Nashik. dharmachakra-tirth As per the words of Prabhu Veer period of 2000 years of direct effect of Bhasmagraha and another 500 years of its after effect is over. Jinshashan and progress of man-kind because of Jinshashan has begun… there are many forecasts and signals being received in favor of it which confirms it. As one of those signals this heavenly Tirth is being constructed. Scholar of Dharma Chakra Atishaya and Dharma Chakra Tapa honorable Param Pujya Muni Shri Jagvallbhvijayji ( at present Acharya ) 13 years ago used to sat at Ahmednagar during Chaturmas ( four months of rain ) . Muni who has mastered Jap, Dhyan,Siddhi, on Aso Sud 5 during early morning Jap suddenly visualized Yakshraj Shri Manibhadraji… who talked to him in details about the beginning of good period and necessity of awakening/bringing of divine power for the purpose of construction of Dharma Chakra Prabhav Tirth He also suggested that he (Shri Jagvallbhvijayji ) be the source of inspiration and do the work in systematic phases. Pujya Munishri informed his Guruji Param Pujya Shri Vijay Bhuvanbhanusurishwarji Maharaj in detail .With Guru’s blessings, his favors and support he accepted the responsibility .( of construction/establishment of above Tirth ). In the first phase Maha mangalkari Shri Dharma Chakra tap was released as effective in the Jinshashan .The historic and shashtras i.e. ancient religious books were referred to get and compile information about atishaya tapa ( hard tapa ), and books were published with the help of his disciples and followers. dharmachakra-tirth About 11 years ago on the suggestions of Shri Manibhadraji 10 acre land situated about 12 km. from Nashik touching high way towards Mumbai was donated by Shri Rajendrabhai and Vilasbhai sons of Smt Kantaben Rasiklal Sanghvi for the purpose of constructing a pilgrimage (Tirth ) place . About 9 years ago the said piece of land by hands of Jinshashak Param Pujya Shri Vijaybhuvanbhanu Surishvarji Maharaj was given for construction after a religious ceremony held for the purpose .On the same day at same place ceremony of 5 Ganveer who took Sanyas was held there. 6 years from today for the purpose of touching the land of Shri Dharma Chakra at Vile Parle (Mumbai ) Chhari Palit Sangh came there ( Vile Parle ). At that time chal pratishtha of heavenly Shri Mantradhiraj Parsh Prabhu was one. Construction work began systematically. On the same day foundation stone of Jinalaya was laid and padavi ceremony of Shri Manibhadraji took place in the presence and under blessings of Param Pujya Shri Vijay Jayshekhar Surishwarji Maharaj . After that arrival of adhishtayak dev ( God of the Place of worship ) as serpent / nagraj ….foot prints of the Prabhuji… solutions of the difficulties of visiting yatris devotees samdhisadhak fulfillment of wishes (prays), pray for the world (vishva)… shashanraksah , sanghotrati. For the invitees : at the instance of adhishthayak dev this land of devnishta is getting fast in the divine shape… construction of this Tirth is nearly completed .. For More Information Visit – Shri Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth