Shree Kapaleshwar Mandir (श्री कपालेश्वर मंदिर)

Kapaleshwar Mandir

Kapaleshwar is among the very oldest temple one in Nashik city located near Ramkunda, Panchavati. It is about 2 KM from CBS towards North-East. This Temple is renovated by “Peshwe”. The story behind it is that lord Shiva by mistake killed a cow (“GOHATYA”), to clean his sin the Nandi told him to go to NASHIK and take a bath in Ramkund. As per Nandi’s instruction Lord Shiva came at NASHIK and cleaned his sin by taking a bath in RAMKUND. And after that he done some JAP, the place where now the Temple is located. You can also observe that this particular Shiva temple don’t have any NANDI because NANDI suggested to Lord Shiva about the taking bath in RAMKUND for cleaning his sin, and because of this Lord Shiva adopted.   At every Monday and at PRADOSH 6.30 PM there is a Pooja at RAMKUNDA GANGA GHAT of Shree Kapaleshwar Mandir. Many peoples come for Darshan in this Mandir daily. Many peoples arrange Shree Satyanarayan Pooja in the month of Shravana here. Some peoples 101 make pradakshina to this mandir to complete their wishes.