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Sita Gufa

Sita Gunpha (श्री सीता गुफा )

Sita Gupha is situated in Panchawati area about 3 km away from the Nashik Central bus stand. It is said that Seeta stayed in this caves for some days during exile(Vanvas). The deities of Ram, Seeta and Laxman are placed inside the first main gummpha. In the second small gupha there is a Shivling . The main reason attributed for the Shivling is that Seeta used to worship God Shiva and she never took her meals before worshiping him.

So for her convenience Shivling was placed in that gupha. It was in this cave that Lord Rama used to hide Sita when he had to leave her, and it was from here that Sita was carried by Ravana disguised as a bagger.

The cave today is a popular place for pilgrims who travel to Panchavati to get closer to the legend of the Ramayana. Located near the five sacred banyan trees in the area, you can enter the cave through the narrow staircase leading into it. Once inside, you will find an idol of Sita along with Rama and his brother, Lakshman. To the left, there is a cave with a Shiva Linga.

How to Reach (Map)

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