Top Pilgrimage Places to visit in Nashik

Here is top places to visit in Nashik.

Shree Kalaram Mandir

Kalaram Mandir is situated within the Panchvati area of Nashik City. This temple is situated at a distance of 3 km from Central Bus Stand.

kalaram mandir

City buses and auto rickshaws are available from various corners of the city to reach the temple. This temple is supposed to stand on the spot where Lord Ram lived during hid exile. It was built in 1782 by Sardar Rangrao Odhekar on the site of an old wooden temple.

The work is said to have lasted twelve years, 2000 persons being daily employed. It is one of the finest modern temples of Ramji in western India. The temple has a seventeen feet high wall of plain dressed stone which surrounds a well kept enclosure 245 feet long and 105 broad. It has seperate sabhamandap which is 75’*31’’*12 which is open from all sides. The temple has standing images of Lord Rama, Sita, Laxmana are of black stone and around 2 feet height. The Ramnavami festival is celebrated in Chaitra (March-April).

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Sita Gufa (Gunfa)

Sita Gupha is situated in Panchawati area about 3 km away from the Nashik Central bus stand.


It is said that Seeta stayed in this caves for some days during exile(Vanvas). The deities of Ram, Seeta and Laxman are placed inside the first main gummpha. In the second small gupha there is a Shivling . The main reason attributed for the Shivling is that Seeta used to worship God Shiva and she never took her meals before worshiping him.

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Kapaleshwar Mandir

Kapaleshwar is among the very oldest temple one in Nashik city located near Ramkunda, Panchavati. It is about 2 KM from CBS towards North-East. This Temple is renovated by “Peshwe”.

The story behind it is that lord Shiva by mistake killed a cow (“GOHATYA”), to clean his sin the Nandi told him to go to NASHIK and take a bath in Ramkund. As per Nandi’s instruction Lord Shiva came at NASHIK and cleaned his sin by taking a bath in RAMKUND. And after that he done some JAP, the place where now the Temple is located. You can also observe that this particular Shiva temple don’t have any NANDI because NANDI suggested to Lord Shiva about the taking bath in RAMKUND for cleaning his sin, and because of this Lord Shiva adopted.

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Shree Kavnai Tirth – Kapildhara Tirth

Kavnai Tirth is 15 km from Igatpuri. It was a very important place in history.


The kumbh mela officialy starts from this place. It is believed that by Adeesh from Shri Swami Samartha Maharaj, Shri Gajanan Maharah ( Shegaon) done tapasya for 12 years and then became visible in Shegaon. The great traveller from China Hsuan Tsang ( We have studied in school history) , also visited this place and gave a big circular disk as a present to this place. People can still see this disk inside the temple. There is also a Temple of Kamakshi Devi, which is under renovation. The full area is surrounded by big mountains, Sometime will come in monsoons to visit when there will be lot of greenary.

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Shree Trimbakeshwar

Shree Trimbakeshwar or Tryambakeshwar is an ancient Hindu temple in the town of Trimbak, in the Trimbakeshwar tehsil in the

trimbakeshwar Temple

Nashik District of Maharashtra, India, 28 km from the city of Nashik and 40 km from nashik road.

It is dedicated to the god Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, where the Hindu genealogy registers at Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra are kept. The origin of the sacred Godavari river is near Trimbak. Kusavarta, a kunda (sacred pond) in the temple premises is the source of the Godavari River, the longest river in peninsular India. The current temple was built by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (Nanasaheb).

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