Viveda The Wellness Village (विवेदा वेलनेस विलेज)

Viveda is an Integrated Wellness Village located in Trimbakeshwar in Nashik city of Maharashtra. This wellness centre is infused with Indian values of hospitality and helps you practise healthy living with ancient knowledge of wellness and health. Get into the habit of a healthy mindset and self-care to nourish the body, mind and soul.  The stoic and bold structure crafted with natural elements commands respect and dictates its own statement. The monotones of the stone and contrasting hues of the green landscape fit well with the feeling of the place and breathe life into the whole property. Be surrounded by colourful shrubs and vivid colours that look like a masterpiece off an artist’s canvas.

Viveda Wellness Village  community welfare activities focus on 3 major areas – education, going green and community health. We support providing education to nearby areas and propagate going green by encouraging tree plantation and organic farming. We also look after the community health of local villagers by organizing medical camps, upgradation of medical facilities, etc. Spread across 40 acres on the holy land of Trimbakeshwar with the Beze lake flowing by the side and the Sahyadri mountain range standing on guard, Viveda is an extension of the positivity that encompasses this sacred land.

We have packages starting from 2 nights and going up to 21 nights to enhance your mind, body and spirit. It begins with a one-on-one lifestyle consultation with a qualified consultant where you can talk about life stressors. The idea is to find the root cause of the signs and symptoms and to deterge a person. This deterging program is then followed by nourishment to regain and strengthen the body’s natural immunity.

Rejuvenate yourself with a well-deserved break at Viveda. The regenerative powers of holistic therapies, the pampering and soothing massages will let you explore a new way of healthy living.

Explore all the stress and toxins that are slowing you down. Cleanse your body, mind and soul through medically-guided detoxification treatments. This programme will restore your body’s natural ability to absorb food nutrients and rekindle your natural health.

Nutrient-dense vegetarian satvik food and vegan dishes are cooked using healthful methods that aid digestion, deter toxins and enhance the healing experience. At Naivedhya restaurant, everything is aimed towards achieving optimal health. Our chefs plate up delicious calorie-counted Indian and global cuisine that align with your lifestyle and help you develop a healthy eating regimen. Our menu does not feature alcohol.

The dome is based on Sacred Geometry, which amplifies the spiritual connection to nature and yoga practice with acoustic echoing & meditation. Yoga will increase your core strength and instil serenity and peace in you. that with divinity. The delicate ring from Chanting ‘Om’ and mantras fill the entire atmosphere and moves you towards freedom and clarity.

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