Yeola is 83 kilometres from Nasik on Nasik-Aurangabad Highway and 28 kilometres south of Manmad on the Manmad–Ahmednagar road. Yeola is 35 kilometres from Shirdi and is 260 kilometres northeast of Mumbai. It has a station on the Ahmednagar–Manmad rail route. Aurangabad Airport, Nasik/Ozar Airport, Shirdi Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport are the nearest airports.

Yeola is known for work of an holy Sant Raghuji Baba, who was the main reformer of Yeola City. He built the first mosque in Yeola. People say that when Mughal King Aurangzeb would pass through any city with his army to capture India and if he would not find any mosque Masjid (place of prayers for Muslims), he would destroy the whole city or village. When he was passing through Deccan south part of India or Aurangabad, he also passed Yeola City. A fear erupted in small Yeola City. People of Yeola City were worried about this since no single Muslim live in Yeola City and so there was no mosque or masjid. Raghuji Baba gathered some people and they built a Mosque. But after building the Mosque fear was not gone. Because there were no Muslims in city. He gathered some Muslim from surrounding area, and brought them to Yeola City. First mosque of Yeola city which called Patel ki Masjid and which is located in Bhaldar Galli near Samadhi of Raghuji Baba. This mosque was built by Hindu. Yeola municipal council is one of the oldest municipal councils in India. It was formed in 1857.
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