Shree Vyankatesh Balaji Mandir (श्री व्यंकटेश बालाजी मंदिर)

Shree Vyankatesh Balaji Mandir

Shree Vyankatesh Balaji Mandir is situated on gangaour road near gangapur gaon and someshwar waterfall. Balaji-Mandir There is a beautiful Balaji temple in Nasik road, Maharashtra. Its gopuram is like a pagoda as we see in Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. The idol is beautifully carved. It draws the attention of every person (whether devotee or not) that enters the garbangam because of its attractive look. It is replica of the idol in Tirupathi Balaji Temple. In front of the temple we see a tall Dhwaja Stambha. Inside the temple there are idols of Mother Goddess Lakshmi and Andal (Padmavathi), Lord Garuda facing main diety and other divine beings. The shrine is guarded by two watch-gods namely Jaya and Vijaya. Balaji-Mandir You may visit the attached hall called Ardha Mantapa and Garbha Griham. The granite stones on the floor are said to be similar to the flooring at Tirupathi temple. The main icon of the god Balaji is placed at Garbha Griham, where the devotees are not allowed to enter except the priest. However we can go upto the entrance door of Garbangam.