Shree Ekmukhi Datta Mandir (श्री एकमुखी दत्त मंदिर)

Ekmukhi Datt Mandir

ekmukhi datt
Shri Ekmukhi Datt Mandir is located in panchvati at Godaghat in Nashik.
In Maharashtra, there are one-sided Dattatreya temples at Pandharpur, Miraj, Srinivasan Raghunath’s birthplace Ankul and Nashik. Among them, the one-faced Dattatreya temple in Nashik is on the west bank of Godavari river. This place is known as Pratigangapur.
A citizen of Nashik, Shri. Vaman Sakharam Barve had a vision in a dream that there is a Datta idol in the sacred pool under the Victoria bridge of Godavari river. It should be taken out of the tank and installed. According to that vision, Shri. Barve painstakingly removed the idol from the pool and installed it in a monastery on the west bank of the Godavari. The same monastery was later given the shape of a temple. The Datta idol in the temple is self-contained and made of sand. She has a mouth and six arms. The six arms are conch, chakra, mace, padma, trishul and rudraksha maal.