Shree Godavari Mandir (श्री गोदावरी मंदिर)

Godavari Mandir

Ganga-Godavari temple is adjacent to Ramkund ganga-godavari-mandir Shree Ganga-Godavari Mandir famous temple in Nashik near Ramkunda. Ganga Godavari mandir is based on the bank of River Godawari. Peoples take darshan of this mandir after taking bath in River. ganga-godavari-mandir1 It was built in 1775 by Gopikabai Peshwe. Statue of Godavari and Bhagirath are placed inside the temple. The temple remains closed for 11 years, but opens on the day of Kartik Poornima (full moonlight) once in 12 years and kept open for a year in Simhastha period.