Shree Kavnai Tirth - Kapildhara Tirth (श्री कावनई - कपिलधारा तीर्थ)

Shree Kavnai Tirth – Kapildhara Tirth

Kavnai Tirth is 15 km from Igatpuri. It was a very important place in history. The kumbh mela officialy starts from this place. It is believed that by Adeesh from Shri Swami Samartha Maharaj, Shri Gajanan Maharah ( Shegaon) done tapasya for 12 years and then became visible in Shegaon. The great traveller from China Hsuan Tsang ( We have studied in school history) , also visited this place and gave a big circular disk as a present to this place. People can still see this disk inside the temple. There is also a Temple of Kamakshi Devi, which is under renovation. The full area is surrounded by big mountains, Sometime will come in monsoons to visit when there will be lot of greenary. Also visited, Gatan Devi Mata Mandir, which we usually visits every year in Navratri period. This temple is situated just starting of Ghat reaching to Kasara, thats why the name Ghatan Devi. The new temple was also under renovation.