Nashik Flower Park

  • Area of Flower Park : 25,000Sqm.
  • No of Flowers : 5 Million+ (50lacs).
  • 10 Huge Hearts Structures Covered with Scented Flowers ( Walk-Way ).
  • Waterpark Rides covered with Flowers (In & Out)
  • 3 Huge Peacocks with 20ft to 30ft long tail covered completely with Flowers
  • 30+ Selfie Points in various shapes & sizes (Flower Based) including Triple hearts-Big Rectangle shape selfie Point etc
  • Flower House, Flower Car, Flower/Grass Covered Elephants, Horses etc

New Attractions

Floral Pyramid


Birds House

New Selfie Points

New Floral Photobooths

Floral Dolls

5+ Million Flowers

Floral Bottle

Floral Boat

Area Spread across 40,000 sq Meters

45 Varieties of Flowers

Floral Tribute to to Corona Warriors

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Flower Park, Nashik