Shree Yashwant Maharaj (Dev Mamaledar) Mandir is located in Nashik, Panchvati area.

Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj was a great saint during the 18th century. He was also an important disciple of Swami Samarth and is believed to have had darshan of Bhagvan Vishnu. Sant Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj Samadhi is located at Satana near Nashik. His Punyatithi or death anniversary is annually observed in Margashirsh month. Sant Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj Punyatithi 2017 date is December 13.

Sant Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj always helped beggars, saints, mendicants, helpless women as well as children who came to his door as if they were his own.
It is said that during the great famine of 1870-71 in Satana, Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj sold all his wealth to help the people. But it was too little, he who was then taluka Magistrate of Satana distributed money from the treasury to help the needy. The superior officers who came to know about this came for an enquiry but to their surprise not single penny was missing from the treasury. It is said that after this incident He had the darshan of Bhagvan Vishnu.
Sant Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj left the world and merged with the Supreme Truth in 1887.

Sant Dev Mamledar Yashwantrao Maharaj Punyatithi is annually observed on the Margashirsh Krishna Paksha Ekadasi or the eleventh day during the waning phase of moon in Margashirsh month as per traditional Hindu Marathi lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.