Ruchir Art Gallery was launched at Nashik in the year 2006 with a goal to promote pure art while still maintaining the balance of the commerce of it. We mainly deal in paintings, sculptures, and any form of original art work. We aim at creating market awareness for art through exhibitions, demos, art fairs, and various seminars. We collaborate with some of the prominent public venues of Nashik like SULA Vineyards where quality art works of artiste are put for display and sale.
The innate goal of this endeavor was to provide artists with a platform to promote their artwork commercially. It is vital for an artist, especially the art students and apprentice to be able to sell their art in the market, so as to boost their morale, as well as, support themselves economically in their artistic pursuit. This eventually results in the creation of more art. Bearing the expenses of art supplies without any financial support is quite difficult and this challenge impedes many upcoming artists. The Ruchir Art Gallery ventures to create awareness among the artists by conducting market awareness sessions.

The other side of this equation, the buyers, is also greatly benefited through us. We educate the buyers regarding the value of buying original art, rather than buying mass produced prints. We demonstrate to them the variety of artwork in the market and cultivate a better art vision among our customers. Art is a great instrument for investment. We try to upgrade the knowledge of our art buyers to that of the art investors. We provide art consultancy services for their own art investment, and work towards building an art portfolio.

Exhibitions organized by the Ruchir Art Gallery so far:
Ruchir Art Gallery, Nashik 2007
SULA Vineyard in collaboration with 10 prominent artists from Nashik, 2008
INDUS Art Tour, in collaboration with 10 prominent artists from Maharashtra, Hotel Shalimar, Pedar Road, Mumbai, 2011
Fravshi Academy Art Exhibition, Nashik 2012
ArtFest 2012, the biggest art exhibition in the city of Nashik, at the City Center Mall Nashik, Feb 2012
Art Exhibition at City Center Mall Nashik, August 2012
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