2011 is the milestone year for us – we branded ourselves “Sahyadri Farms” – a Farmer Producer Company (FPC) – by the farmers, of the farmers and for the farmers…!
We graduated from ‘farmer-entrepreneurs’ to a full fledged ‘farmer company’ now and overcame most of our challenges.

We setup our own infrastructure, agro advisory team, a world class pack-house, cold storage facility and minimised post-harvest losses.

Our group of farmers jumped almost 4 times from 2010 and touched 550 by 2013.
We were now a ‘Fort Knox’ as Sahyadri Farms crossing 1007 marginal farmers as part of our group and this year we become India’s leading exporters of fresh grapes.
We shipped 625 containers of great tasting fresh grapes that is 9000MT valued at US$ 17 million.
we set-up 2 divisions :

Retail Division – For reaching our domestic consumers directly with food safe, 100% traceable, farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Processed Foods Division – For value addition and processing our farm produce into Pulps, Juices & Ketchups.

Alongside, to ensure quality of our farm produce and to also increase every Farm and ultimately every Farmer Profitability we knew we had to get our own Quality Agri Inputs – be it Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Machinery or even poly houses and drip irrigation systems.

That is why we started our Agri Inputs Division under “Farmer Direct” to source agri inputs directly from quality manufacturers in India and World over.

Our goal is to support every farmer in India marginal, small or large and make sure every Farm, Farmer and Farming become and remain profitable.

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